October Birthstone: Opal


If your birthday is in October, prepare to get inspired because opal is your birthstone! The opal stone is known for enhancing the wearers creativity and confidence as well as imagination and memory. Opal can remedy headaches, eyesight, insulin regulation, immune system, and it even relieves PMS ladies. Wearing opal can also ward off nightmares and promote good dreams because of its soothing qualities. Make October a great birth month and find your inner peace with opal!

September Birthstone: Lapis


Lapis, the birthstone of September babies, is as rich in history as it is in color. Known for its deep blue shade, lapis has been used by all the great ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks. It was among the first gemstones to be worn as jewelry and can also be found in ancient figurines and grave décor.

Today, it is known as the stone of friendship and truth. It is said to encourage harmony in relationships and help its wearer be more authentic and open during communication.

Vendor Feature: Tesoros Trading Company


It is no secret that here at Quarter Moon we love ethnic and fair trade products. One of our vendors, Tesoros Trading Company, never ceases to amaze us with what their artisans are crafting. What is even better is the fact that most of their merchandise comes from several different places, such as Peru, Chile, Haiti, Brazil, and India.

We typically carry Tesoros Day of the Dead collection, that includes a variety of sugar skulls and an array of skull figurines. All of the figurines have their own unique character and personality. There is a skull friend for everyone!


We also carry a quirky American-made ashtray from Tesoros that claims “Jesus hates it when you smoke.” It would be a great gift for your friend who has a sense of humor!


FSU’s Market Wednesday


Welcome back students! Not only was last week the first week of fall classes, but it was also the first week of Florida State’s Market Wednesday at the Oglesby Student Union. Quarter Moon is one of the many vendors that participate in Market Wednesday, and we enjoy being a part of student life at FSU. We always look forward to chatting with students about how their days are going while they shop our unique mix of products. All of us at Quarter Moon are thrilled we get to bring a slice of our store onto your campus, and we can’t wait to share the rest of our Wednesdays with you!

Is there anything you would like to see more of at our table? Let us know!

So long summer, it’s time to go back to school!


No matter how you get to class you’ll get there in style! Here at Quarter Moon we have all of your back to school style needs with everything from flowy and fringe covered tops to high waisted pants in an array of colors. We can’t wait to hit the books with all of our new looks!

(Embroidered Tunic $48, Double Feather necklace $22)

Summer is over so no more wearing bathing suit bottoms all day long. Our colorful pants below are only a few colors of what we carry in the store. The stretchy high waisted pants come in a dark blue and an acid wash, while the low waisted pants come in black, garnet, and dark green. They are a comfy, trendy pant that can be paired with almost anything! We love them with crops and and playful tanks. 

(Colored Skinnies $36)

On the first day of school, try wearing a blouse, dark-wash jeans and a cool headband. The fringe detail and feather headpiece will show off your school spirit and incredible fashion sense!   


Birthstone Bliss: Peridot


The August birthstone, peridot, dates back to the Crusades when the soldiers introduced the stone to Europe. Since then it is known to represent purity, beauty, and lightness. If you or a loved one is in need of protection, money, and healing, peridot exudes these energies. It is believed that one will feel the soothing effect of peridot if worn on a necklace close to the neck, and also acts as a protector against negative emotions. The green stone is said to have the power to heal the wearers gall bladder and liver as well.


Peridot pendant with thick box chain: $56
Sterling silver earrings: $32

Sibling Trio Performs at Food Truck Thursday


A family band of three siblings, Jacob’s Ladder, brought a new kind of atmosphere to Food Truck Thursday when they performed at the event three weeks ago. They won us all over at Quarter Moon with their energy and glowing talent.

The trio consists of 18 year old Ryan Joseph, 16 year old Brianna Joseph and 14 year old Devin Joseph. Each member plays the acoustic guitar, but Ryan also plays the piano and Devin plays the bass guitar. The sibling’s father, Reggie Joseph, also acts as their band manager.

Compared to past weeks at Food Truck Thursday, no one could help but notice how young the members were in Jacob’s Ladder. However, the Joseph’s may be young, but they perform and sound like an experienced group that has been around for many years.

“We believe that community events allow for the city to grow together. Also, they promote positivity for all generations,” Reggie said.

Even though Jacob’s Ladder formed four years ago, each member has been singing their whole lives. Ryan has been playing guitar for 4 years, while Devin has played guitar for five and bass guitar for a year. Brianna is a five year self-taught guitarist, who has pipes that are probably larger than her. She may sing covers of Alicia Keys, but she could replace her in a heartbeat.

“Playing at Food Truck Thursday was an amazing experience. We were surprised to have a record-breaking crowd! We are very supportive of the local businesses at the lake. We feel that it is important to support and raise awareness to the local efforts,” Reggie said.

There’s nothing better than local bands, food, businesses, and community. We are thrilled that Jacob’s Ladder got to be a part of our Food Truck family!