Lighting Up The Night


Good Morning!

I know I’m not the only one experiences the “shopper’s black out.” This time of year I don’t mind it because it let’s me find little gems like this! We’re twinnin’ and I’m lovin’ it. After this purchase, my fall decor feels complete…I hope.

Here’s some information tonight’s moon:

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Baths at sunset, new goodies, fireworks, and feasts…what more could you want???

Diwali, a festival of lights, is primarily a Hindu holiday that’s celebrated over the course of five days. It represents the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and light over darkness. Every year the celebration starts three days before the darkest night during the Hindu month of Kartika (sometime between mid-October and mid-November). Each of the five days are based on different legends of the Vedic era, when the Hindu civilization began. This year, the celebration starts October 25th.

The first day starts with taking a holy bath at sunset to pay respect to Lord Dhanwantari. He is associated with various healing practices, such as Ayurveda, the Hindu system of medicine. It views the body, mind, and soul as one interconnected web. The bath is accompanied by a lighted diya (oil lamp) near a Tulsi (Indian healing plant). 


Day two is centered around Lord Krishna (good guy) killing the woman-hating demon named Narakasura (obviously, bad guy). The goal of this sacred day is to keep negativity away. A diya is placed in each room, fragrant oils and flowers are used, and rangolis are made in living rooms to bring good luck.


Day three is probably the most festive because LIGHTS. Happening on October 27th, the darkest night during the month of Kartika, or the night of the new moon. The legend has it that the sacred Lord Rama returned from exile on this day. He was welcomed back with an extravagant row of lights from all the houses in the land. In modern day India, it’s celebrated by decorating the town with lights and colorful fireworks all through the night. Families spend their day worshiping and businessmen start new financial books.


Day four is marked by a large vegetarian feast offered to Lord Krishna (who is also an important figure in day 2). This is known as Govardhan Puja and is meant to show gratitude to Krishna, who saved the entire town from being submerged by a different bad guy named Lord Indra. This day is celebrated by indulging in new clothes, jewelry, and endless sweet treats given to and received by neighbors.


On the fifth and final day of the Diwali celebrations, Lord Yama and his sister are the main focus. The bond between these two was sacred. After decades of not seeing each other, Lord Yama decided to visit her. She welcomed him with  open arms and marked his forehead with a tilak (a spot of color between the eyebrows). During this day, the bond between modern siblings is celebrated. The brother promises to protect his sister and the sister prays that her brother will live long, healthy life.

bro and sis

Want to add a little extra light in your life? Check out some of the things we have!


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While Food Truck Thursday is always been fun, the cooler temperatures ensure you won’t get too hot dancing the night away! The Fried Turkeys are set to take the stage this week. Come out, say hi, and get your groove on! Details for the event can be found here.

fried turkeys

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The Day The Spirits Return


Hey all!

This past week has been full of bumps in the road for me. Sometimes, life’s like that though. When it started raining yesterday, I decided to take my dog to the park and play in the rain with him. Call me crazy, but it was one of the most liberating experiences. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces…

Anyways, here’s some information on the moon tonight!

full moon

Be sure to check the sky tonight, full moons are incredible!

Día de los Muertos

Death. No one likes talking about it. What if instead of talking about it, we simply celebrated the lives lived by those no longer with us?

Día de los Muertos, AKA Day of the Dead, is not a Mexican Halloween. While the central theme is death, it’s about celebrating and showing respect for deceased loved ones and ancestors. The holiday originated with the Nahuas (native people of Mexico) , who believed mourning death was disrespectful because it was a natural phase in life’s continuum. They preferred to keep the dead as members of the community through memory, spirit, and of course through Día de los Muertos, the day the spirits returned to Earth. It is celebrated yearly on the first two days of November in cities all over Mexico, although some cities stretch their celebrations for a whole week!

To encourage the spirits to come back, they create huge altars filled with a variety of offerings. Some of these altars take months to build and perfect for the big day. Common things found on the altars are:

  1. Mexican marigold flowers- believed to guide wandering souls back to the living world.
  2. Water to quench the spirit’s thirst after the long journey back to the living world and food to fill their empty tummies.
  3. If the spirit is a child, you might see some toys. If the spirit is an adult, you may see  cigarettes, alcohol, and/or their favorite meal.
  4. Personal belongings- family photos, old clothes, heirlooms.
  5. One candle for every spirit returning


To me, the most interesting parts of the altars are the sugar skulls and calacas (the skeleton figurines). In ancient Mexican cities, skulls were used as offerings to the god of the underworld. It was said to ensure safe passage of the deceased from the world of the living to the world of the spirits. It makes sense that they would continue this tradition to bring the spirits from the underworld into the living world. You may be wondering why they make sugar skulls so colorful and bright…well, everything about Día de los Muertos is colorful and bright. Some colors represent certain things, though. For example, red represents blood, orange represents the sun, yellow represents the Mexican marigold, pink and white are celebration, and black represents the Land of the Dead.


Check out our Sugar Skull goodies!

Last but not least, the calacas (the skeleton figures). Mexicans believe that every soul should be remembered as a happy one. Calacas play instruments, dance, and are represented in other happy encounters. While these can be found in Mexican cities all year round, they line the streets and altars during Día de los Muertos.


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All calacas shown in slideshow are available in store.

While every city builds altars, not every city celebrates in the same way. Some prefer to celebrate in the privacy of their own homes while others have huge parades and decorate the graves of loved ones. One city, Pátzcuaro, chooses to celebrate by canoeing to a small island and having an all night vigil in an indigenous cemetery.

I like to think I celebrate my deceased loved ones in little ways every day. And that they’re in my heart every step of the way. Remembering what they taught me when times get tough, feel them when I think about them, and way too easily getting caught up in the memories. How do you remember those who passed?

This week Lil’ Grizzly takes the stage for Food Truck Thursday! Let’s hope the skies bless us with another beautiful fall night. Details about the event are here.

Lil grizzly

As always, thanks for reading and I will see you next week!

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Emily Reads The Future


Good afternoon blog followers!

This past week has been stressful because fall decor and fall scented things are unavoidable. I want one of everything, but my apartment is not big enough. I have settled with mini pumpkins, mini candles, mini throw pillows, and a bouquet (or three) of fall colored flowers, haha. What’s your favorite fall decoration/scent??? Comment below!

waning gibbous

I’ve always believed the universe is the guiding force within me. It’s hard to explain why, but let me try:

Have you ever seen the same number sequence randomly throughout the day? Do you ever go some place you’ve never been and feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed be? Have you ever seen a stray animal or fellow human struggling and felt compelled to help? Just last week, I woke up earlier than usual and decided I would walk my dog instead of taking him to the dog park like I normally do. He wasn’t too happy, but I felt like I had to walk him that morning. At the end of the street, there was a woman and her baby in a parking lot needing someone to jump start their car. I told her I’d be back as soon as I could with my car. When we got her car started, I felt a sense of “rightness” within my soul. To me, this was the universe guiding me to help someone.

We’ve always carried tarot and oracle decks at work, but I always overlooked them. I knew where they were if a customer asked about them and that’s about it. Then Katie ordered us an oracle deck to use at the store…

For the first week, I simply did one card/daily readings. Because the daily readings were so moving, I decided to do a three card (past, present, future) reading. I ended up crying tears of relief because I felt understood on a deeper level. How did I randomly choose three cards that knew what I had been through, what I was trying to work on, and tell me exactly what I wanted to know about my future? It was in that moment that this deck of cards became more than a fun thing to do to pass time.

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the difference between the two decks.

tarot vs oracle

Now that we got the basics down, let’s get into how to do a reading.

Step 1: Choose a deck you feel a connection to. It can simply be that you’re drawn to the colors of the deck. Remember each deck is created with purpose so if you want to gain insight on dreams, it’s best to go with one related to that. This demonstration will be done using an oracle deck called The Mystic Sisters.



Step 2: Take a minute to explore the deck and pick up its energy. This can be done by shuffling through the deck and guide book. Figure out what your intention is with the deck. Is it to check on relationships in your life? What about to make sure you’re on the right track with something? It can also be that you’re just curious what the deck has to offer you.



Step 3: Decide what reading you want to do. This is 100% up to you. While the options are endless, decks often come with guide books to help choose which best fits the situation.



Step 4: Choose your cards. The number of cards will vary based on the reading you are doing. You have free-will with picking the cards. You can pick each card from the top, bottom, or anywhere in the middle. If you are doing a reading with 2+ cards, lay the cards out in order of which you draw. For this, I will do a past, present, future reading where the first card chosen represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future.



Step 5: Once your cards are laid out, give yourself some time to resonate with them. Study the images and words (if applicable) on each card.



Step 6: Find the meanings behind the cards you chose in the guide book included in the deck. You can do this one card at a time and take as long as you need understanding the information. This step can trigger many different emotions. Take a deep breath and keep in mind your intentions.


Shout-out to fellow my Quarter Moon girl, Nikita, for helping me with these videos! Couldn’t have done it without gracious hands.

We have tons of different decks at Quarter Moon for all your tarot and oracle needs. We also have the Mystic Sisters deck for complimentary in store readings! 

The weather is gettin’ cooler, but the lineup is stayin’ hot!!! We welcome Two Foot Level to the stage this week for Food Truck Thursday! Also, we are happy to announce the return of El Criollo Grill this week after a long few months without them. Come on out, enjoy the good vibes, doggies, and stop in Quarter Moon to say hi 🙂 Details about the event are here.


Thanks for reading, see y’all next week!

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October Signs & Stones


Good morning and HAPPY OCTOBER 1ST!

Despite it being 90 degrees every day, spooky season is once again upon us, muahaha. In case you missed it and/or haven’t heard, FSU won this past weekend against NC State, yay! Next weekend they’re headed to South Carolina to take on Clemson.

Here’s some information on the moon tonight AKA the moon I was born under. Let me tell you, I am feelin’ the lunar energy.

waxing crescent

To read about my zodiac journey, click here.



Born on or between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libra’s are obsessed with symmetry and balance in all aspects of life. Throughout their journey, they learn to stop chasing it in the world around them and focus on chasing it within themselves. Venus is their ruling planet making them passionate lovers and known for having expensive taste. With this in mind, they dislike being alone and do best when surrounded by like-minded individuals. Libra’s are most inspired by good books, great conversations, and the arts.

Here are some other characteristics of the sign:

  1. Libra’s are known for their keen, intellectual minds.
  2. They will do almost anything to avoid conflict in attempt to keep the balance/peace.
  3. Being an air sign, they can seem “up in the clouds” and have difficulties following through.
  4. A room full of happy people is their favorite place.
  5. Their lucky stone is sapphire (which I talked about here).
  6. Lastly, they dislike violence and selfishness.


Right now, we are fully loaded with Libra jewelry!

*fun fact- ravens are considered to be Libra’s spirit animal. Check out this cool raven box!*


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Now, let’s dive into the October birthstone- Opal.

It’s easy for me to say I love all the stones in the world, but I don’t…at first. Opal is one of the stones that continues to grow on me. There’s something mysterious, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because Opal intensifies emotions and I do that on my own…randomly…at the most inconvenient times. It also helps release anger and encourages independence.

In Ancient times, it was considered to be the most bewitching gem because one stone contained the colors of Garnet, Amethyst, and Emerald. It was worn for its ability to strengthen sight, heal eye diseases, and bring great luck.

One of my favorite characteristics of Opal is how it acts as a prism and brings a full spectrum of light energy to the system. This soothes and clears the emotional body and boosts one’s will to live, inspires optimism and creativity, and allows one to embrace love and passion. Basically, Opal is everything I need in life.



We have sterling silver and gold plated opal rings!

Other fun facts:

  • Opal magnifies negative qualities. While this can be uncomfortable, it helps in understanding why they exist and learning how to let them go.
  • It’s a karmic stone and reminds us that what goes around, comes around.
  • It helps with deep inner work like meditating.
  • Back in the day, Opal lost it’s great reputation due to rumors of mysterious fatalities. Now, it is one of the world’s favorite stones and the 14th wedding anniversary gift.



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This week we welcome SAWMILL JAM to the stage for Food Truck Thursday! People are loving the addition of Funkalicious and Falafel Grill 🙂 If you haven’t tried them yet, come on out! Details for the event are here.

sawmill jam

Thanks for reading, see y’all next week!

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Organization Tips & Tricks


Good morning,

If you come by the shop this week, don’t forget to wish our flower crown wearin’ queen a happy birthday! For those of you who know her, you know she’s special. From being an intern to taking over as owner, her Quarter Moon journey is proof that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. She inspires me to push myself every day and be the best person I can be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE! We love you dearly and hope you have a beautiful birthday<3


Here’s some information on the moon tonight:

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FSU plays NC State this Saturday during Family Weekend! Kick off is at 7:30pm so you have even more time to get your game day essentials. Stop by the store to check out our garnet & gold!

Organization is more than you think:

My dad always says, “work smarter, not harder,” which I used to laugh off because I took pride in being a hard worker. A few years ago, I went through this phase where I’d lose my keys every time I set them down because the hook by my door I used fell off. I swore they had legs or I had a funny ghost in my house. It would ruin my good moods and make me so frustrated. Then I got a new hook and it changed my life. It saved me so much stress every time I left my house. I could literally hear my dad saying, “told ya so” in my head. Working smarter and not harder quickly became less about physicality and more of a mindset. From there, I made the decision to organize my home better to prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I started by creating space on my wall for a giant calendar. The trick here is to place it somewhere you know you’ll see it every day. One wall calendar turned into me having a “to do” list pad  and/or mini calendar next to my bathroom mirror, on the fridge, and in other very obvious spots around my home. This was particularly important for school because every time I walked into a room I was reminded of upcoming assignments and exams. Some may say this is overkill, but it helped get rid of the endless “what if I forget to do ________.” I noticed my stress levels went down because everything I had to do was right in front of me. It helped me stay on top of things.

Making the transition from school to no school was difficult because I had so much down time. It was nice at first, but doing “nothing” made my anxiety worse. I decided to get off my butt and start a new daily routine. I got a new calendar and new “to do” lists because my old ones were dedicated to school. With a clean slate, I started coming up with daily chores and tasks I could do to fill up my time. Within the first week I felt less anxious and more productive than I had in awhile.

School or no school, if your mind is constantly flustered things you need to get done, here are my steps to become more organized.

Step 1: Clear your mind by taking everything out on a Dammit Doll. They come in various prints so you can choose one that suits you.img_5323_facetune_23-09-2019-15-50-34

Step 2: Take some time to write out why you want to be organized and how it would improve your life. It probably seems silly, but you have a better chance of sticking with it if you make it personal. Write down your goals, ideas, etc., and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hobby.

Step 3: Gather your supplies.

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Step 4: Don’t be afraid to mess up the pages! Organization can be messy at first (as ironic as that is). It’s going to take a couple tries to get into the swing of things. Trust me, you learn to accept the hatred you have for your own handwriting.

Organization is more than a neat house and pretty planners to me. Though these things help, it’s the idea of living intentionally and productively. It’s a way to put the million things to do in your head on paper so you have a fair chance of getting them done. It’s a way to schedule your time out so everything gets done when it’s supposed to. And it’s a way to feel good about the little things you do (i.e. finally dropping the box of goodies you’ve collected over the months at the thrift sore, finishing something you started like laundry, or even simply watering your plants on time).

Come out and help Katie celebrate her birthday week with FRANK JONES BAND this Food Truck Thursday! Details about this event are here.

frank jones

As always, thanks for reading & see y’all soon!

xoxo Emily

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Sustainable Living


Good Morning!

I want to start by thanking those of you who took advantage of our summer sale this past weekend, we had so much fun helping you ❤ Here’s some information on the moon tonight:Waning Gibbous

Food Truck Thursday details are at the end!

How an idea turned into a lifestyle: 

Ever since I saw that picture of the sea turtle with a plastic soda ring around it’s neck, I loved the idea of living a more sustainable life, I just had no idea where to start. I decided to start researching and quickly learned I already had some sustainable habits. Some of them I’ll list below:

  1. I am an avid second-hand shopper and I donate regularly.
  2. Making my own skincare from organic oils because my skin hates everything else.
  3.  I hate getting mail, so I always opt into paperless bank statements, bill updates, etc.
  4. Using natural-based or DIY cleaning supplies and laundry soap (mainly for my skin). S/O to baking soda and vinegar!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I’ve always preferred tap water so I tend to hoard reusable bottles.
  6. Red meat and dairy started giving me problems so I cut back on those a lot.

My habits were selfish. I wasn’t thinking about the turtles when I spent months trying to find the perfect mix of oils for my face. BUT this got me motivated to make changes WITH the turtles in mind.

All of the “100 ways to be more sustainable” lists online overwhelmed me. So many things to change! Feeling defeated, I decided to ask my coworker about her sustainable life journey- meet Andrea!


What inspired you to make the transition?

Most of my friends in high school lived environmentally friendly and vegan lifestyles. They taught me a lot about how and why they live sustainably. I was also introduced to @trashisfortossers, who I’ve been following for years, and she lives an inspiring zero-waste life. Seeing people live a life they were so passionate about made me want to do the same.

How did you start?

My first step was an easy one. I made sure I had a reusable water bottle with me at all times. From there I began to swap my life essentials with more sustainable versions. My toothbrush is now bamboo, I remove my makeup with a “magic eraser,” and I carry around my own straw and utensils. It’s okay to start slow!

Where and how do you shop?

It’s important to shop at places that allow you to feel comfortable and align back with your lifestyle. Clothing wise, I try to shop secondhand in order to not create any more textile waste. If secondhand items aren’t an option, choosing sustainably sourced or fair trade items are my go to. Grocery shopping can be difficult when plastic is your sworn enemy. I try to shop at places that allow me to buy bulk and bring my own containers, like Lucky’s Market. It’s important to remember to ALWAYS carry a reusable bag with you. A lot of fresh produce doesn’t even need a bag!

What do your friends think?

My friends actually really love the sustainable life I live. Many of them have even adopted certain habits from me to avoid unnecessary waste.

Do you think it’s worth it?

Of course! Even though I’m one person, I still think I can make a difference and living by your morals is important.

Any tips for beginners?

  1. Recycling correctly is KEY! My experience in Tallahassee has been a hard one but if your area has a recycling program, be sure to google what items they do and don’t accept because it’s not the same everywhere. Lots of public areas have recycling bins, but again, make sure to note what items the bin is collecting. Putting incorrect or dirty items into the bins will most likely cause it to be thrown into the trash due to “contamination.”
  2. Always carry your reusable water bottle and bags.
  3. Say no to stuff you don’t need. Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle!
  4. Pack your own lunches and snacks from home.
  5. Opt for the paper bag and cardboard packaging.

With Andrea’s journey in mind, I decided to look at where I waste the most- the kitchen. More specifically plastic bags, aluminum foil/plastic wrap, and paper towels. I dusted off my reusable paper bags from under my bed and headed to Quarter Moon for my other sustainable alternatives (I can’t stay away, it’s literally my second home).


Bee’s wrap is made from organic cotton and sustainbly sourced bee’s wax. It’s a great plastic wrap alternative and is 100% biodegradable! Don’t be like me and ruin your first pack by washing in hot water.  


Swedish Dish Cloths AKA reusable paper towels absorb more than 15 times their weight. They are textured more like a sponge in case you gotta scrub!

The beautiful background of the above pictures is a Kantha quilt. Made in India from repurposed cotton saris, Kantha products will add a pop of color and culture to any room. My house is slowly turning into a Kantha Kingdom…sorry not sorry.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about my transition is that baby steps are still steps. It’s okay to make one change and feel great about it. I still have to stop myself from reaching for the aluminum foil knowing I have Bee’s Wrap!


slow low crow

Thanks for reading, see y’all next Tuesday!

xoxo Emily

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September Signs & Stones




Quick Update:img_5166

Good morning everyone! I, like most people, can’t start my day until I have a cup (or three) of coffee. Other important thing to mention: I chopped my hair off this past week. At first I felt like Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but now I just feel like me. 

Food Truck Thursday this week is going to be amazing! Details at the end of this post!

When I was brainstorming blog post ideas, I really wanted to incorporate moon phases so I decided to test it out this week. Let me know what you think.waning gibbous


My Zodiac Journey:

My love for water and being surrounded by it only grew as I got older. I was and still am the first one in the pool or ocean no matter how cold. I appreciated how silent my world got as soon as I went underwater or as I watched the waves kiss the shore at the beach. I was also always the kid who was “stuck in her own head” AKA an avid day dreamer. My  life changed when I learned about zodiac signs because I am everything my sign is, a true Pisces. It also didn’t hurt that the first boy to break my heart in middle school was an Aquarius. For those of who don’t know, you’re least compatible with the signs right next to you (e.g. Aquarius and Pisces). We just weren’t written in the stars…literally. This post will coincidentally be about the sign I’m most compatible with…

The Virgin Maiden represents the sign and reminds Virgo’s to have pure intentions and desires.


Virgo’s are those born on or between August 23rd and September 22nd. Because their ruling planet is Mercury, they tend to have analytical and logical minds. These traits can be beneficial when used to improve the way things work or general problem solving. However, the same traits can be turned inward on themselves to a fault.

Some other characteristics of the sign:

  1. They are always the “honest friend,” but may have difficulty accepting the same level of honesty from others.
  2. They are equally critical of themselves as they are of others.
  3.  Family means everything to them and they will always, always help a loved one in need.
  4.  Being an Earth element, they are known for being grounded and dependable.

When I think of this sign, I think of an iceberg. Virgo’s are really good at showing “surfaced” emotions. In other words, you have no idea how they really feel. They often hide their true emotions out of fear of what others will think. With that in mind, they sometimes need a little help from their complimentary stone, Amazonite. Wearing this helps individuals with emotional expression and courage in all aspects of life.


*All pieces shown are available in store.*



Next on the agenda is to express my love for Blue Sapphire- the September birthstone.

Back in the day, it was thought that Sapphire was blessed by the Gods and was mostly worn by priests and kings. It is known to protect against evil spirits and is commonly used in healing rituals that require channeling energies from a higher power. Most of these rituals involve releasing individuals from spiritual blocks.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of Blue Sapphire is how it interacts with our dreams. I’ve always, always been obsessed with dreams and trying to interpret mine. If you’re like me, you keep a journal by your bed and wholeheartedly know the importance of scribbling down everything you remember within the first three seconds you wake up no matter how bad you have to pee. It’s one thing to know what happens in your dreams, but it’s another thing to understand why and how we dream what we dream. Sapphire helps us retain and process our dreams to understand them in a conscious state. Basically, it makes it okay to go pee before scribbling down dreams in the morning.


Aside from the healin’ and dreamin’, Sapphire is known to:

  • Help sleep disorders (e.g. insomnia)
  • Improve self awareness and resolve insecurities
  • Support honest communication with oneself and with others
  • Aid with forgiving and rebuilding trust

I’d like to dedicate the “Blue Sapphire” portion of this blog to my mom, it was her favorite stone. May she rest in peace.

As promised: THE RACHEL HILLMAN BAND IS PLAYING FOOD TRUCK THURSDAY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! We’re also excited to announce the addition of TWO new food trucks- Falafel Grill and Funkalicious! To learn more about the event, click here!

Stay tuned for info about a HUGE SUMMER SALE starting Thursday evening and skipping into the weekend!! Details will be on our Facebook and Instagram!

Rachel Hillman Band


Thank you so much for reading, see y’all next week!

xoxo Emily

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