The Tree Heard Across Tallahassee


A tree fell on the Quarter Moon cottage this past Tuesday. Tallahassee experienced a storm with winds up to 70 mph and the store was its victim. The tree crashed from behind the store, from the North Monroe Street side, splitting the roof and cracking the store’s ceiling on the inside. Two of us were working when it happened. We were looking out the window facing the lake, watching the dumpster’s lid opening and closing frantically. Seconds later, there was a loud crash and the store shook. Ceiling debris fell around us and the lights flickered. We looked back out the window and saw the top of the tree lying across the roof. As we were trying to make sense of what happened, we went to the back room to take shelter. It was scary, but we did not realize the severity of what just happened. 


From the back we called the owner, Wendy, but she already received word from a witness. After a few minutes passed, we decided to get out from the back. Considering it was still storming, we accessed the situation from the windows. As we peered out, a man from the barber shop ran over to the front door and urged us to leave the store immediately. We gathered our things in a frenzy, bypassed a call from a reporter, and got out. 

As we were leaving the store, Wendy appeared on the scene. We looked at the roof and the colossal tree that sat on top of it. It was unbelievable what had happened. It may have been terrifying from the inside, but looking at the damage and what became of the cottage made the whole thing devastating. Concerns of Quarter Moon being unfixable or condemned ran through our heads, but luckily that is not the case. 

In light of the event, everyone is safe and the store will be back in order in a few weeks. Wendy even has some new visions for the store, making it better than ever. Each of us has come out of the situation in high spirits and with motivation to get the store back on its feet. We are very thankful for everyone’s safety and the support we have received from the community. Like Wendy said to us, “It could have been a lot worse.” 

QM takes Atlanta: Day 2


Shopping for the store proved to be a big adventure. The show consisted of 13 floors full of vendors that were selling amazing products and it was our job to look through them…well as many as time would allow. From 9 am to 6 pm we picked up everything from sundresses to sweaters for fall, and even checked out some lovely jewelry pieces. It was a shopaholics dream. 

We try our best to sift through as many clothes as possible. Sometimes we looked through racks together and other times we divided and conquered the vendor booth. In the end we all came together and sorted out what we wanted. Our favorites from today mostly included cozy sweaters and unique game day attire. We are so excited for everyone to see it all! 

After the show we had a much needed dinner break. Some of us got American cuisine at a brewery,  which had delicious veggie sliders and chicken and pasta dishes. Also, drinks all around. 

Even though the show was exhausting, we feel super accomplished and are in love with our upcoming products. Going from vendor to vendor, rack to rack things start to blend in, but we felt confident with all of our choices and feel that everyone will love love love them as much as we do. Tomorrow we hit the show for a few hours again and then say good bye to Atlanta. It’s been a great and productive day here in this beautiful city! 


Quarter Moon takes Atlanta: Day 1


This morning a few of the QM ladies hit the road for Atlanta for a buying trip! Along the way, among various back roads and discussions about our game plan for the show and the rest of the trip, we dodged an accident by going up a highway entrance ramp. Considering the traffic pile up in front of us and the fact that many cars and semis were doing it, we took the risk and exited the entrance way to the interstate. It may have gotten us a traffic violation or two, but we survived. Soon after, we avoided yet another accident by cutting through a cemetery. Not as dangerous, but pretty spooky.  

When we finally arrived in Atlanta, we headed to Decatur to grab dinner, drinks, and check out The Square. Decatur’s Square is filled with local shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. We met up with a former QM employee who suggested an Indian restaurant called Chai Pani, which had great samosas and cocktails. 
 After dinner we headed to a bar right next to The Square where we enjoyed beers and ciders. It was a perfect ending to a hectic and awesome day. Tomorrow we can’t wait to go to the show on the look-out for new clothing for the store! 


A Glimpse into the Gemini (May 21-June 20) 


The time of the Gemini has arrived so make sure you are ready for some excitement! Gemini babies are some of the most energetic people, mentally and physically. They love to talk and have constant projects under their belts, so prepare yourself for some wittiness. Having a Gemini friend is interesting and exciting because of their adventurous mentality and willingness to dish out some insight. Gemini’s are also an independent clan and relish their freedoms. To love a Gemini is quite stimulating because they always need to be kept interested. They need a partner with a quick mind and someone who can keep up with their creativity and imagination. However, Gemini’s are known to have a split personality or can be wishy washy with decisions. You’ll never know what “Twin,” will show up to the party. 


The Lake Ella community welcomes Julie Guyot Studio and Yarn Therapy


Over the last few months the Lake Ella family has had the pleasure of adding Julie Guyot’s pottery studio and Yarn Therapy into the community. Both shops offer handmade goods and demonsrates the specialty of crafting objects. 

Julie Guyot Studio has been open since Febuary and has graced the area with nostalgic pottery ever since. Guyot displays and sells her hand crafted items while also using the cottage as her studio. The shop holds all of your dishware needs such as mugs, bowls, plates, cake stands, cutting boards, and more. All of us at Quarter Moon and at Lake Ella are very excited to have this local talented artist in our midst! 

Yarn Therapy serves as a second home to many. Located in the brick house across from the cottages, Yarn Therapy sells yarn of only natural fibers and offers a variety of knitting classes. The owner, Marianne Graves, welcomes every customer or knitter with open arms into her family of knitters as if she is welcoming them into her home. Many of us can’t wait to get out our knitting needles and head over to Yarn Therapy to start on a scarf or some socks! 



Show the Love this Valentine’s Day


Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate every “special someone” in your life. Whether it’s your best friend, mother, sibling, or cat everyone deserves to be shown how much they mean in a person’s life. At Quarter Moon we have tailored our selection of products to fit these specific Valentine gift giving needs. In the store we have everything from sentimental jewelry to sarcastic retro flasks that would definitely show the love!


January Birthstone: Garnet


In Tallahassee the color garnet may hold a sacred meaning to many, but for those born during January it is more than just a color to show some school spirit. Garnet, January’s birthstone, holds many healing properties that benefit health problems relating to the heart, blood, lungs, and infections. The birthstone also enhances sensuality and sexuality, and is associated with truth, friendship, purity, and faithfulness.