Blog: That Amazing Quarter Moon Fragrance

Blog: That Amazing Quarter Moon Fragrance

Over the years, one of the most frequent comments from our customers is that they love the way our shop smells. They tell us that their Quarter Moon clothes and even their paper bags from our shop have picked up that wonderful fragrance. We do not burn any candles or incense in the shop, so that fragrance is truly a combination of all the great smelling things we carry.

Candle Quarter Moon

Moon Spell Candle $19.95

We are excited to let you know that this year we worked with a fragrance developer to capture that scent. We sent items from our shop sealed in air tight bags so that fragrance experts could get a whiff of our shop and zero in on our scent. Over the next several months, we smelled and sampled and tweaked until we achieved what we feel is the signature scent of Quarter Moon.We named our fragrance Moon Spell. We have developed an 8 oz (60 hour burn time) natural soy wax candle and a 12 ounce fragrance oil. Shop Quarter Moon

Oil Quarter Moon

Moon Spell   Fragrance Oil $16.95

The oil can be used on the body or in a diffuser and a tiny dab can be applied to clothing to help it to maintain that Quarter Moon smell.

We have also been working with local soap maker, Nori Rubu-Mooney. We commissioned her to make a Quarter Moon soap. The soap is a work of art and crafted from natural ingredients.  It dovetails perfectly with our Moon Spell products.   All of these products are now available at Quarter Moon or on our website. We hope you enjoy bringing Quarter Moon home!Shop Quarter Moon

Soap Quarter Moon

Natural Moon Soap $9.95



Blog Post:Introducing Madison Kronheim

Blog Post:Introducing Madison Kronheim

Model Shoots are really a lot of fun. We get to play dress up with our customers and shoot some fun photos. Madison Kronheim has modeled for Quarter Moon a couple of times now. She is a pleasure to work with.  Always smiling.  Here is more about what is behind that smile!

Madison in tie dye dress

Tie Dye Jumper $54

Recently Madison stopped by Quarter Moon when she was on an outing with some of the teachers and students of Gretchen Everhart School. Gretchen Everhart School is part of the Leon County School system and serves students with intellectual disabilities ages 3-22 years of age. That day I learned that Madison was a music Therapy major at FSU and was interning at Gretchen Everhart. I wanted to learn more about Madison and her work with Gretchen Everhart and so we met at the Black Dog Cafe last week to chat. I think you will enjoy getting to know Madison Kronheim too.

Music has been important to Madison since she was very young girl growing up in Coral Springs Florida. She played piano and violin and sang from an early age. As she got older she moved on to also study guitar and French horn. She became interested in music therapy at FSU but it was a Music in Special Education class that really inspired her. She decided  pursue her senior internship at Gretchen Everhart. There she found her passion. 

Green shirt

Sunflower Top $29

At Gretchen Everhart, Madison led 6-8 music groups each week and completed three research projects.  She worked on teaching singing  and music skills to her students age 3-21. She studied music therapy as a way to increase sociability and interaction and she researched music therapy as a means to decrease aggression.

Her internship also gave her incredible role models. She speaks with gratitude and deep admiration of the teachers at Gretchen Everhart. She saw firsthand their skill, patience and creativity as teachers and the way they always sought new strategies for reaching students.

This inspired Madison to add to her Music Therapy degree and apply to Boston University to enter their Masters of Special Education Program.

Embroidered Olive Jumper ENCREME1-1

Embroidered Jump Suit $42

In April, Madison is excited to present her research on Music Therapy to Decrease Aggression at the convention of The Southeast Region of Music Therapists in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Sage Preg Dress4

Jersey Lace Detail Dress $34

Madison is thrilled that she is soon to be an auntie!

We would like to thank Madison for modeling for us…and thank her too for being one of those passionate people who is bound to do good work and make the world a better place.

We wish Madison the very best!! Congratulations for a great job to our team stylists and photographers…Coutney Piper, Danielle Gomez, Paige Krauss, and a special thanks to our guest photographer Hannah Steinkopf-Frank.


Embroidered Kimono Front $36

Back kimono

Embroidered Kimono Back View $36          Below is Wrap Dress in Gold    $48

Diamond Wrap Dress Full Length









What if everyone showed up?


This Wednesday the courageous and grieving students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School will be at the Capitol to ask our lawmakers to step up immediately  to produce legislation to reform our gun laws. Many of these students are boarding buses directly following funeral services for their classmates and friends who died in the horrible school shooting last week.  We keep wondering what would happen if all of Tallahassee showed up to support these students and to add our voices to their cries for reform. We believe that if students, mothers, fathers, grandparents and all people who are horrified by the statistics, and by the brutal reality of  what our gun culture has done to us, stand up together– we can be stronger than the NRA and strong enough to create change.

What if everyone showed up? Lets find out. Here is a link to the rally on Wednesday.

Quarter Moon will be closed this Wednesday February 21st from 11:00am-1:30pm so that all staff is able to stand together in support of this rally.  Here is the facebook event link.

Tallahassee on

Here is more about the day’s activites. This information was provided by Melissa Forshee Walker on Facebook.

The Parkland students are heading this way. Here is a schedule of the activities they have planned. If you feel so inclined, show your support.

Update on activities over the next few days.

There is a prayer vigil on Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Tallahassee Centre ( old Tallahassee Mall) at the School for Arts & Sciences. The first wave of Parkland students plan to arrive in time to attend that vigil. This vigil is sponsored by the PTA.

The second wave of Parkland students arrive Tuesday night at 8:30 at the Civic Center. If you want to greet them with a warm welcome when they arrive, they’d love it.

On Tuesday, first wave Parkland students will be at the capitol for individual meetings with legislators throughout the day, concluding by 4:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, the Senate will be in session. We would invite you to join Parkland students in observing Senate action beginning at 10 a.m. The rally begins at noon and ends at 1. Please be at the old capitol by 11.

There will be time Tuesday afternoon/ eve for students in Leon County to socialize with our visitors. We will meet at 4pm in the capitol courtyard.

Comfort stations will be set up around the capitol for our visitors.

Thank you, Tallahassee, for being gracious, generous, compassionate hosts for our visitors and for all you have all done to make them welcome in our community.

And like I always say – if you want to be part of the change my best advice to you is join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America we are doing this hard work Every. Single. Day. Prayers? Yes please. Action? Absolutely.

Text READY to 644-33 to find out about events near you.

Blog: Introducing Sarah Matlow!


Sarah in Cullors Sweater

We love being part of the Tallahassee community!

Sarah in Cat Sweater

At a recent staff meeting we talked about how much our customers mean to us and how much we enjoy getting to know them.  It’s really the best part of our jobs and over the years we have met some pretty amazing people.  We decided we would love to share some of our awesome customer’s stories with you!

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Sarah Matlow!  Sarah recently modeled for our fall clothing photo shoot so we are lucky enough to have some great photos to share too.

Sarah was born and raised in Tallahassee. She was in the first graduating class that attended all 4 years of Chiles High School. Lake Ella was a favorite place to hang out in those high school days. Sarah left her mark at Lake Ella when she was 21 years old, working for two locally owned businesses…Polka Dot Shoes and Remember When.  She still enjoys shopping at Lake Ella and grabbing a coffee at the Black Dog Café with her “almost 3” year old son, Declan.  Declan is a social little guy who especially loves stopping by to say hello to Joe and Pete at Joes Bike Shop. Sarah feels lucky that she can manage her online vintage clothing store from home while being a stay at home mom.

Check out her shop at

Singing, dancing and acting is another passion and Sarah is currently performing in the musical Anything Goes at The Quincy Music Theatre. You can catch her performance on Friday October 13th and Sunday October 15th. Or check out Quincy Music Theatre’s webpage

Shopping locally owned has always been important to Sarah. She likes knowing that her shopping supports local people and feels that she can find better quality and more unique products at local businesses.  Sarah’s husband Jeremy is the owner of local pizza businesses Gaines Street Pies, North Side Pies, and Midtown Pies as well as The Wilbury. She appreciates that Tallahassee is a close knit community and has appreciated the support her husband’s businesses received when they were getting started. She is also proud that her husband’s businesses give so much back to Tallahassee. They showing great leadership in supporting local community organizations!
A long time Quarter Moon shopper, Sarah’s favorite finds at Quarter Moon are the sterling silver rings. She has quite a collection! She also enjoys shopping for gifts for friends and comfortable fashionable clothing.

Check out Sarah Matlow in her play at the Quincy Theatre! Here are a few more shots of her modeling some pieces from our fall collection! Details about the fall clothing collection will be posted on our website! Thank you Sarah!

Sarah in Jordan Eyelet Top

Sarah in CJ Sweater

Sarah in Asra Dress

Sarah in Sharmila Sweater

Sarah in Bree Feather Dress

Sarah in Amala Dress

BLOG: 10 Ways to Wear a Sarong…So Right!

BLOG: 10 Ways to Wear a Sarong…So Right!

It’s that time of year again when we are drawn to the beautiful batik patterns on summer sarongs, but feel unsure how to use it. Be sure to stop by the shop to see our new collection of sarongs in all colors.  Quarter Moon staff is ready to help your learn all the ways to wear one. Here are a few ways to use your new Sarong that you may never have thought about!

1. Top


Multiple styles of tops are simple to accomplish with a Sarong.  Simply wrap the sarong around your neck to create a halter top, or tie it in a bow in the front and you’ve got a tube top. They are light a breezy for the summer air and add a pop of color to any pair of shorts and sandal combo.

2. Kimono


Tie the two ends of the scarf together and place your arms in the newly made holes, you’ve got yourself a kimono. Probably one of our favorite ways to wear a sarong because it is flattering to every figure and is so easy wear.

3. Dress20170311_163104

Every summer vacation needs a simply flowing dress and a sarong creates this look so well. Wear this look to dinner with your new tan or out to the lido deck as a beautiful cover-up.


20170311_163559A simple skirt is by far the most popular and easy to accomplish look available with a Sarong. Simply wrap the fabric around your waist, tie in a knot or use a sarongclip, and BAM! Summer time gorgeousness. My definite go-to when strolling on the beach, or heading to the pool.


5. Blanket 


Stash your sarong in your beach bag or picnic basket. They’re wide enough to lay on and fold up so easily that you can carry them anywhere without feeling the weight of a heavy tapestry.


6. Pillow Case 

Traveling can sometimes be a little rough and you want the comfort of something familiar. If the hotel/hostel pillows don’t look cozy or clean, grab your scarf and wrap it around the pillow, you’ll be sure to sleep through the night with ease.

7. Purse

Almost always will a Sarong be the perfect last minute purse to whip together when you find yourself at Market and have no where to hold all your new amazing goodies. It’s also super cute.

8. Headscarf

One of the more exotic ways to use your sarong is as a headscarf. When the humidity and salty beach air has turned your luscious locks into a tangled20170311_155339-1 mess, grab your sarong! Now you’ve got your mane under control and are turning heads too

9. Scarf or Shawl

Wear your sarong as a scarf around your neck or over 20170311_164119.JPGyour shoulders as a shawl. This is a perfect example of how sarongs are an effortless and versatile accessory.


10. Towel

20170311_164155.JPGNot only can you use them as blankets but because of their light weight they are can easily be used as towels and dry incredibly fast. Forget the extra weight when traveling, just bring your Sarong.





Blog:Women take the Stage at Lake Ella!


Women take the stage!! This week is particularly exciting for us.  Emmy award winner (for musical composition) Kathryn Belle Long is taking the stage with the band, The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn at Food Truck Thursday and we are kicking off the Lake Ella Sunday Brunch Spring Concert Series on March 12th with two phenomenal female singer songwriters, McCall and Katareen.

Bringing us a mix of acoustic, original, Americana, bluegrass, folk, blues and swing, The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn is a trio of multi-instrument playing, song-writing and harmony singing women. The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn began in fall 2012 as the three founding members were introduced by a mutual friend. They combined their talents and their middle names, Anne, Belle and Lyn to create the fictitious, mythical heroine- Annabelle Lyn. Band members, Kathryn Belle Long, Elizabeth Fravel and Holly Riley will delight you with their beautiful harmonies as they move from instrument to instrument, including  guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and double bass.

Food Truck Thursday music is from 6:30pm-8:30pm (Food Trucks start serving by 6pm.) Check the Quarter Moon Facebook page or our website for band info weekly.

McCall and Katareen are two sixteen year old girls from the Tallahassee area. Don’t let their tender age fool you. They will blow you away. McCall Chapin and Katareen Mohammed play acoustic renditions of classic songs, originals and today’s hits. Their extremely unique harmonic blend gives you goosebumps in a very good way. These guitar wielding teens are not to be missed. Show your support for local music and for local women who are taking the stage by storm!

The Lake Ella Sunday Brunch Spring Concert Series is every Sunday (except Easter) from March 12th-May 28th. Music is from 11:00am-1:00 pm. (Food Truck Brunch and Lunch served from 10:30am-1:30pm.) Check Quarter Moon Facebook events or our website for band and food truck info.





Blog: Fair Trade Matters

Blog: Fair Trade Matters

This holiday season, as you choose meaningful gifts for your loved ones, please consider how your gift can also have a positive impact on the lives of the people who are sharing their craft and skills with you. At Quarter Moon, we have made a commitment to searching for fair trade products, continually increasing our fair trade offerings and educating the community about the principles of fair trade and why it matters.

This year 100% of our ornaments are Fair Trade. They range from paper craft to cloth to metal work, but all are beautiful and all are contributing to the empowerment of artisans and communities across the planet. Please check with our staff to be directed to other fair trade items. We are currently working with over 20 Fair Trade companies and have jewelry, purses, crafts, scarves, hats, socks and much more to show you.

Here is a description of fair trade principles and just a few pics of our fair trade ornaments and a few fair trade gift ideas. Holiday giving is fun and can have a big impact on the lives of both the gift maker and the receiver!