Quarter Moon takes Atlanta: Day 1


This morning a few of the QM ladies hit the road for Atlanta for a buying trip! Along the way, among various back roads and discussions about our game plan for the show and the rest of the trip, we dodged an accident by going up a highway entrance ramp. Considering the traffic pile up in front of us and the fact that many cars and semis were doing it, we took the risk and exited the entrance way to the interstate. It may have gotten us a traffic violation or two, but we survived. Soon after, we avoided yet another accident by cutting through a cemetery. Not as dangerous, but pretty spooky.  

When we finally arrived in Atlanta, we headed to Decatur to grab dinner, drinks, and check out The Square. Decatur’s Square is filled with local shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. We met up with a former QM employee who suggested an Indian restaurant called Chai Pani, which had great samosas and cocktails. 
 After dinner we headed to a bar right next to The Square where we enjoyed beers and ciders. It was a perfect ending to a hectic and awesome day. Tomorrow we can’t wait to go to the show on the look-out for new clothing for the store! 



About Quarter Moon Imports

Quarter Moon Imports is a little clothing, jewelry & gift shop located in a 1940's stone cottage at Lake Ella in Tallahassee Florida. We've been here since 1989. Our shop is an eclectic mix of goods with a decidedly bohemian flair. Many of our gifts and jewelry are fair trade products. We also carry eco- friendly products and locally crafted soaps and gifts. We like being part of the local business community and especially love being at Lake Ella along with Black Dog Cafe, Joe's Bike Shop, Remember When Vintage, Glasswork by Susan, Panhandler's Kitchen Supply, Mickey's Lakeside Cafe and the rest. Our greatest hope is that you find us to be a friendly and welcoming place in the community. At the end of the day, that's what really matters.

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